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Hit the Road

Hit the Road

At the age of 30 André Vianello joined a club called Germiston Callies and started running. With 23 Comrades marathons under his belt, he is the current chairman of Legogote Villagers in White River. Get it catches up with him to chat about the club’s latest campaign.

Motorists wave as they pass by these dedicated runners. Those participating in the Comrades carry a banner each year saying, “Good morning, White River” as a way of thanking those who regularly greet them on the road. Their new campaign involves getting those who wave, out on the road running!
“It’s all about motivating people to develop a healthier lifestyle while enjoying themselves. It’s lousy training on your own. Running in a group is a great way to meet new people who are like-minded. A club organises everything for you. We even have a bakkie that follows the runners. It has refreshments on board and they can stop at any time and climb in if they want to,” André says.

Exercising for half an hour three times a week is enough to stay in good shape. As you become fitter, you can run further. The more you put in and the harder you train, the better you will perform. Benefits include weight loss, better sleep, boosted energy levels and an overall improvement in your health.
“You’ve warmed up. You start running. You’re breathing hard but you know it’s beneficial! The wind is blowing in your face and you feel awake and alive. Sweating gets all the toxins out your system. Increased circulation ensures nutrients and oxygen reach everywhere they’re needed in the body. Exercising sets you up for the day.”

legogote villagers banner - morning white river! (Medium)

Be sure to warm up beforehand. Start slow for the first five to 10 minutes and pace yourself according to your maximum heart rate. Maintain a steady pace so you don’t burn out. André says his first Comrades Marathon was an eye-opener. He discovered things about himself he never knew. He learnt to hang in there and finish what he had started. He was amazed by other runners he met from all walks of life who encouraged him as they competed together. André’s advice for injured or disheartened runners is simple and effective. “Get back into a club. Meet fellow runners. Start walking and build back into regular running. There’s always someone else just like you who’s battling too. Run together and encourage each other.”

Choose the right shoes
It’s okay to start running with any shoes until you’ve settled into the sport.
The more time you spend running, the more of a science it becomes.
With advice from more experienced runners, it is best to consult a shoe expert. A heavier person will need more cushioned shoes. If you have problems with pronation, you may need shoes with more support. It won’t help to buy a fancy pair if they don’t support you in the right places.

Legogote Villagers members meet at Parkville Petrol Station and run together in the mornings from Monday to Thursday at 05:00. On Monday they meet at Spur in White River at 17:30. On Thursday they meet at the rugby club for a time trial at 17:30. Boot-camp training takes place in April and May – this includes stretching, yoga, squats and jumps to increase core muscle strength. To gear up for the Comrades, Q&A sessions are held three months before to discuss strategies, roadside assistance, and tips and advice. Runners complete a 50-kilometre route to Sabie six weeks before. After the marathon, there’s a Comrades party, also known as the Aches and Pains party!

Get in touch

André on 084-516-8374 or Esmarie on 072-822-8547


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