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A room with a view

A room with a view

Estate living is gaining popularity for a number of reasons. We pop into homes on three of them to find out what the attraction is – and what potential buyers need to know.


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Perched on one of Mbombela’s many hills, The Rest is known for its easy family living. A mere stone’s throw away from schools, shops and town, it’s popular with a variety of homebuyers.

The Rest offers the best of both worlds: it’s right in the heart of suburban Mbombela, but as quiet and peaceful as a Karoo farm. Liezl Jacobs and her family moved in a mere two monhts ago, but she confesses their quality of life improved instantly. “We invested not only in a house, but in a lifestyle,” she says.

It’s a dog’s world on this estate

On weekends, the family stays home, preferring to spend quality time together. “It’s unbelievable for kids – there’s space to run around and things to do – our TV is never on!”  She also appreciates that pets are accepted – “it’s a dog’s world on this estate” – and that taking the pooches for a walk is as easy as walking through the front door. “Everybody is always out with their dogs – something we couldn’t do while we were living in a complex.”
The Rest is one of the few estates that offers different options to potential buyers. “It caters for all markets,” she says. “You don’t have to be able to build a mansion to live here,” Liezl explains. “We have a smallish stand close to the entrance, but have never experienced this kind of quiet. It’s perfect.”



Ideal for young families, Liezl loves the fact that school is just around the corner.

Although The Rest is a large development, houses are cleverly designed and positioned to ensure maximum privacy. Homeowners can choose from existing designs or create their own dream. Stands vary in size and appeals to a number of buyers, including independent older as well as younger couples.

Fact file

• A low-density, private and secure residential estate spanning 320 hectares
• Magnificent views
• Range of budgets and building styles available
• Choose from existing designs or use your own
• Ninety five per cent of the first phase (400 stands) has already been sold
• Approximately 1 100 residential stands ranging from 900 to over 16 000 m2 are planned in total
• Impressive range of fauna and flora
•  The developers are working with Birdlife SA to create a bird sanctuary within the estate
• In 2013 The Rest became 100% owned by Sanlam Limited with Secondlifestyle as its development manager.

Get in touch
Charla Meyer on 072-585-4243, Charla@therest.co.za for see more at www.therest.co.za





House 1

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On the road to Sabie past White River, Brightside offers a green haven for environmentally conscious owners – and boasts unique features, like a private runway and water-refining plant.

Brightside has a lot going for it. For starters, with only 27 one-hectare stands available on a 100-hectare estate, homeowners have almost unlimited space and a guaranteed fabulous view, with a long list of eco-credentials thrown in for good measure.
Joey Lascalles loves it because of the lifestyle it affords her and her young family. “It’s the perfect setting,” she says. “You never have to leave the place.” A keen trail runner, she also appreciates the 16km one can jog in the estate without ever crossing the same path. “You’re on the doorstep of adventure,” she says. “No need to drive anywhere for a run, cycle or mountain biking.”

It’s the perfect setting. You never have to leave the place

The estate’s indigenous flora has been rehabilitated from a eucalyptus plantation. There’s an abundance of birds and small animals, and from Joey’s stoep, you can hear the call of fish eagles circling the dam. People with an outdoorsy lifestyle will be hard pressed to find anything more suitable. “It is extremely quiet and peaceful,” she adds, “without high walls and fences, it has a friendly, open atmosphere.”


Meet owners Vaughan and Joey Lascalles

The couple chose Brightside for its exclusivity as no other estate offers only 27 stands on 100 hectares. Vaughan played an integral role in the development of the estate. They were the first, besides the developer, to buy a stand – and haven’t regretted it for one day.



House 2

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Callie Maguire, an organic farmer in a previous incarnation, was attracted to the estate for its eco and indigenous qualities. To her, it also represented a lifestyle somewhere between farm and town living. Not one for prissy conformity, she loves her home and the freedom she enjoys on the estate. She also likes the fact that pets are allowed and that it offers family activities in abundance.  “It’s not a sterile environment where nobody is allowed to do anything,” she says. “We share responsibilities and all live happily together.”

Fact file

100 hectares
• Only 27 stands, full title (one hectare each)
• Rare and large properties
• Only 13 stands still available for purchase (one hectare each)
Eskom electricity supply
Own water supply and water- treatment plant
• Complete infrastructure
• Over 70 hectares of open bush, dams and a small river
• More than 16km of natural walkways
Indigenous vegetation
• The estate has its own private runway and dedicated space for hangars
• Careful planning ensures great views for everyone.

Get in touch

Rob Maguire on 083- 269-2121 or see more at www.bright-side.co.za.




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Close to White River, the estate offers complete privacy, security and interaction with a number of wild animals. It is also an economically viable working macadamia farm.

Originally from Belgium, Bart and Peggy Roef live in a pristine, Scandinavian-inspired, minimalist home. Its stunning view across the eco-sensitive estate is envy-inducing, and something they love to share with visiting friends and family. “In Europe, we are simply not used to this kind of space and distance,” Bart says from their veranda. “You can’t have this anymore.”

You can drive through the estate for hours, just like the Kruger Park

What attracted them to Likweti (after a long search) was a combination of factors. “Here we have the best of both worlds. We’re close to the ‘big city’ but far away enough,” he says. “The estate is big, with a few lookouts one can visit for sundowners. It’s relaxed, chilled, secure, private, quiet and open to nature – you can drive through the estate for hours, just like the Kruger Park.”
They bought a building package which met about 90% of their needs and they were able to adapt the plans, to include the addition of outdoor showers, for instance. They were also able to choose their own finishings and trimmings. Their contractor, they say, was fantastic and delivered on their request for something close to European standards. “It is everything we expected. Pictures don’t do it justice – we are so lucky to be here, to have this experience.”

Owners Peggy and Bart Roef

Originally from Belgium, the couple believe they’ve found their perfect fit. After an exhaustive search (and buying another stand in an estate close to the Kruger Park), they finally settled on Likweti for a number of reasons. “One has to look at the estate management and how they think long term before committing,” Bart offers.

Fact file

• It is a 765-hectare luxury residential estate near White River
Eco-sensitive, it offers the best elements of estate living with a bushveld farm lifestyle
• Phase one comprises 21 one-hectare stands
• Every stand offers breathtaking panoramic views
Security and access to the estate is meticulously controlled
• It offers a host of family-friendly activities, from mountain biking, trail running, walking and bird watching to picnicking beside a dam
• Stands are priced from around R895 000
• Incorporates a working macadamia farm
Building packages available or build your own dream home.

Get in touch
082-807-1008, sales@likweti.co.za or see more at www.likweti.co.za



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