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Roaring fun

Roaring fun

All children love a party, and most children love dinosaurs. Hosting a dinosaur birthday party can be an unforgettable experience, and remembering that everything comes down to the planning and the activities on offer for the day makes for a successful, fun filled party.

1. Party game

Games are great fun for adults and children alike. Consider a Triceratops ring toss, making plaster fossils or building dinosaur puzzles. Adequate space must be available for kids dinosaur games such as birthday piñata or dinosaur dig game, which is an excellent educational tool regarding earth science and geography. Charting coordinates and learning history while having fun will take the edge off an essentially educational exercise.

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2. Party decorations

Dinosaur party ideas and dinosaur accessories are an important factor to consider, such as dinosaur themed jumping castles. Consider the perennial favourite, Barney the Dinosaur, a welcome addition to most kid’s parties. Birthday party plates and birthday party cakes featuring Barney are very popular and are readily available. Eats and treats can be T-Rex sandwiches or Raptor rolls. Dinosaur birthday party plates, drinking cups and napkins add a special touch, as do the initial invitations. Allow each guest to leave with a party bag containing dinosaur shaped sweets or chocolate, and a gift such as a dinosaur themed colouring-in book or mask. A face-painter on the day will certainly add to the general festivities, and creating an atmosphere of prehistoric times with large paper fronds and jungle foliage will add atmosphere and to the setting.


3. Party cakes

Cakes are an indispensible part of any children’s party, and a dinosaur party is no exception. A dinosaur cake, decorated with the host’s favourite dinosaur, is a crucial point to consider. The party can revolve around a particular dinosaur, or it can follow a general dinosaur theme. For example, boy’s party plates and decorations could feature a Tyrannosaurus Rex and girls a Pterodactyl motif. Birthday party bags can be a mixed variety, with a surprise dinosaur toy or treat inside each bag.


Dinosaur accessories

They don’t have to feature dinosaurs, but could consist of various archaeological tools, such as brushes, child-friendly digging implements, binoculars and a scrap book to record findings. A popular kid’s dinosaur game is the dinosaur safari, which involves packing a bag with the aforementioned items and going on a dinosaur hunting expedition, or dig. Along the way, strategically placed items such as ‘claws’ (seed pods), ‘bones’ (driftwood or branches) and ‘egg-shells’ (bark) are found and catalogued. They can also be put together by the party goers to create a complete skeleton.


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