Fruit of the vine

A blind wine tasting at Canary Walk in Mbombela

Very few of us can confidently differentiate between a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon, never mind naming the varietal, region, vintage or producer. A recent blind wine tasting set about to change all that.


Guests were treated to bottles of ‘mystery’ wines and during the informative evening, given hints and tips on how to tell the difference. Hosted by Canary Walk Mall, Shoprite Liquor and Pam Golding, all proceeds went to Kamagugu Inclusive School.


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April 2018

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Night out for two!

With Emnotweni’s Night Out for Two promotion, guests can enjoy good food and quality entertainment at Emnotweni and participating outlets in Riverside Mall until 12 April 2018.


April Spoil

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