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Easy to decoupage

Easy to decoupage

Any ornament or surface you can think of can be decoupaged. The stars are the limit, although we wouldn’t be surprised if even a star could be made beautiful with Modge Podge… And to crown it all, it is fairly easy.

Decoupage is like an artistic magic trick. What appears to be skilfully painted by hand is actually paper, glued in place. What look like lacquer is just a few coats of clear varnish. And what begins as an unremarkable surface or ornament becomes a bold, artistic design statement.

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We’ve decided to use Frida Kahlo as model and create a beautiful enamel fruit bowl that could actually be used and washed.

Remember that Frida Kahlo is not the limit. You could choose just about any design and colours.

What you’ll need:

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An enamel basin
A few pieces of beautiful paper and designs
Scissors and/or circle cutter
Soft paint brush
Anti-rust coating
Universal undercoat
Sponge brush
Craft roller
Gloss or matt Modge Podge (available at craft stores)
Waterproof gloss varnish

How to:

1. Choose an item to decoupage. Whatever you choose, it should be clean and free of any dust or dirt. We chose an enamel basin. Enamel needs a light sanding for it is quite smooth and the paper won’t stick properly. After sanding, clean all dusty residues.

IMG_8117 (Large)

2. Next add a coat of anti-rust coating, and then a coat of universal undercoat. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before starting to decoupage.

IMG_0006 (Large)

3. In the meantime, choose your paper and designs and cut it out. We used a circle cutter to cut out the circles – it is far quicker than using scissors. The pieces of paper shouldn’t be too big if it is not decoupaged onto a flat surface. Otherwise it will form bubbles.

IMG_0261 (Large)

4. Now the fun really starts! First use a sponge brush to paint a thin layer of Modge Podge roughly the size of the cut-out onto the surface and onto the back of the cut-out. Make sure you apply the glue evenly and over the edges of the cut-out.

IMG_0276 (Large)

5. Stick the paper carefully to the surface to avoid bending or crumpling it, and smooth it out with a craft roller, rubbing outward from the centre. Add a coat of Modge Podge over the cut-out. Repeat this with each piece. Cut-outs can be stuck over each other in multiple layers – always using the same steps. If you are applying several layers, make sure each layer is dry before starting on the next.

IMG_0263 (Large)

6. When you have stuck on the last piece of paper, allow it to dry thoroughly.

If there is a rim or an edge that the decoupage wraps around, you can trim it with a razor for a cleaner look.

Now you can add up to 15 layers of Modge Podge over the whole basin for a professional look. Remember to let the Modge Podge dry and lightly sand between adding layers.

Apply varnish. More than one coat could be added, but let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Enjoy your fruit bowl!

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