Book Reviews

Book Reviews

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Acts of Love by Talulah Riley

On the surface, Bernadette St John has everything admired by the opposite sex. But her looks mask a mind riddled with a profound and very real contempt for men – a prejudice formed over years of disappointment. But, as an expert at hiding the truth, she’s built her career as a journalist on her talent for lulling powerful men into a false sense of security. Then she exposes them in her ruthless profile pieces.  In Talulah Riley’s Acts of Love, Bernadette may have met her match in Radley Blake. He’s immune to her charm and seems to see through every layer of her carefully constructed act, right to the truth of who she is inside. Hodder & Stoughton, R292.


The Weekends of You and Me by Fiona Walker

When Jo Coulson finds herself single in her mid-thirties, she intends to tackle midlife and motherhood alone. But first she plans one legendary last fling … and in walks Harry Inchbold. Passionate, unpredictable and messily divorced, he’s the perfect antidote to cosy coupledom. In Fiona Walker’s The Weekends of You and Me, Harry’s tumbledown cottage in Shropshire is perfect for a no-strings-attached weekend. But at the cottage Harry reveals a very different side, melting Jo’s resolve. At the end of their weekend they agree to meet the same time next year. They return to Shropshire for one weekend each year and as career, family and crises threatens to bring them unstuck, the cottage acts as their glue. As real life gets increasingly complicated, can Jo and Harry keep renewing their promise? Sphere, R190.


The Other Widow by Susan Crawford

In the darkened car, Joe turns to Dorrie and tells her they have to stop seeing each other. The affair is over. Moments later, Joe’s car skids off the icy road. Desperately, Dorrie runs from the wreckage – but now someone is calling her from his phone. In The Other Widow by Susan Crawford, Joe’s widow, Karen, can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her. As the two women’s fates become more tightly entwined, they’re brought closer to a terrifying truth. Faber & Faber, R185.

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