Book Reviews

Book Reviews

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Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

Annie’s mother is a serial killer and the only way Annie can stop her is to hand her in to the police. But the secrets of the past won’t let her sleep, even with a new family and a new name – Milly. In Ali Land’s Good Me Bad Me, as a team of experts prepare Milly to face her mother in court, she must confront her past. Now, surely, she can be whoever she wants to be. But Milly’s mother is a serial killer – and blood is thicker than water. This is a keep-you-up-all-night chiller. Michael Joseph.

Good me bad me

The Park by Gail Schimmel

When Rebecca becomes a mother to Amy, she finds herself spending her afternoons in the park where she meets other mothers. There’s flamboyant Rose and single mom Lilith, with whom she becomes friends. They’re a trio who feel at home in each other’s kitchens and whose daughters behave like sisters. But in The Park by Gail Schimmel, Rebecca learns that friendship is not always what it seems and that sometimes you trust the wrong people. At exactly the moment when she needs them most, one reveals a shocking secret and the other turns on her. Her two park friends change Rebecca’s life – and her family – for ever. Macmillan.

The Park (1)



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