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Shy Stunner

Shy Stunner

Keryn Beth Rabe is a 33-year-old, stay-at-home mom of two little girls. She admits it hasn’t been easy for her, and in the process of of mommyhood, her appearance has been taking a back seat. She is absolutely thrilled to be the winner of the Ikon Image Autumn Makeover, and is looking forward to learning how to look and feel good in her own skin.

Keryn’s girls are five years and five months old, both demanding ages for any young mom to cope with. Spending time with them has lessened her me time.

She absolutely adores her children, but confesses she wants to feel good about herself again. “I don’t want to look in the mirror and think ‘I look awful, but who cares?,’ I haven’t felt pretty since my wedding day six years ago,” Keryn elaborates, “I actually love beauty; make-up, hair and clothes – like any other woman, but when I buy my own clothes I’m never sure of what colour or style to choose. I’ll see something on the hanger that looks good but when I try it, it’s not flattering at all. I guess I’m lost and looking for direction.”


Before the makeover, Keryn (Right)


After the makeover


She is petite, and because of this she tells us that conventional sizes don’t fit her. “In order to complement Keryn’s figure, she needs to wear dresses that are above the knee, jeans that are over the ankle, and pants that sit above the ankle. V-necklines will also accentuate her frame,” says Alecia van Graan, owner of Ikon Image in Mbombela.
When shopping for shoes, the most important thing for Keryn to remember is that any sort of heel is her friend, and she should opt for a pointed toe; an extremely flattering look for her.

Alecia tells us that in colour psychology, there are four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter, and each has its own distinct characteristics and personalities. Keryn is an autumn person. Her best colours are rich and golden.
Warm in temperature, muted in intensity and medium light to medium dark in value. She should avoid floral patterns, lace and frills. “Even if you have perfect hair and make-up, but you are wearing colours you shouldn’t, your look will not be complemented the way it should,” says Alecia.

The transformation

“One of the most important factors on the face is having the eyebrows shaped, and tinted,” Alecia explains.
Keryn has a light undertone. Cheril-Lee Grobler, make-up artist of Ikon Image, used a Graftobian Prima Donna foundation on her face, which is similar to light beige. In order to complement her beautiful brown eyes, Cheril uses a Stella mocha eyeshadow cream and shimmer.

She adds a deep chocolate brown to the outside corners of her eyes, and highlights the inner corner with a light ice-coloured eyeshadow.

Another of Keryn’s stunning facial features is her cheekbones. Cheril highlights them with an endless-summer bronzer. As a finishing touch, she uses a rich, spicy red on her lips to pair with her autumn personality and hair colour.

“My hair has a mind of its own; I’d love to learn how to style it. It tends to frizz, and has curls and waves. It’s very thin. I end up tying it up often because of this, which gives others the impression that I’m much younger than what I am. For some that would be a compliment, but I’d like to look my age,” Keryn notes.

Carike Moolman of Jetaime Hair Salon in Mbombela jazzes up her hair. Keryn had coloured her hair black, which made it appear lifeless. Carike assists in giving her a look that she will be able to maintain.

“She has the perfect look for autumn, I added some copper-blonde highlights to give her hair movement and to make it look healthy and vibrant,” Carike explains.

Keryn has a heart-shaped face. With Carike shaping the hair around her face; it gives her a softer, more sensual appearance. “Keryn carries age well,” Alecia states. To finish the look she says you should always work with your hair type. So Keryn’s tresses are styled into soft, loose curls to make her appear more mature.

Keryn confesses that after having a baby five months ago, she is slightly self-conscious about her midsection. We first dress her in a maroon, floaty, gypsy-style dress which sits above her knees. We pair it with black tights and pointy ankle boots with a heel. To complete her outfit, we add a black choker – a major fashion trend this season.

This look gives Keryn height, and is incredibly flattering. It is the perfect outfit for her to wear on date night.
For the second ensemble we go with a more casual look. We dress her in navy capri pants, a beige V-neck sweater and maroon pointy heels.

Alecia advises that with Keryn being an autumn person, she should steer clear of silver, and stick to copper and gold jewellery. We pair her outfit with a simple, elegant gold chain. The capri pants define her figure, but we keep the sweater a little looser to hide her problem areas.

The end result
By nature, Keryn admits she is an introvert and is shy and quiet, but once the makeover is complete and we begin the photo shoot, she simply radiates beauty.

We ask her how she feels. She smiles. “I feel amazing. I didn’t know I had the potential to look so beautiful. This makeover has definitely given me my self-confidence again, especially those heels,” Keryn laughs, “I’m not just a wife and a mother; I’m also a pretty woman.”

Shot on location: Weylandts Mbombela, 010-900-4551 | Clothing and accessories: Woolworths, I’langa Mall, 013-742-9100 | Hair: Carike at Jetaime Hair Salon, 072-095-3159 | Make-up, nails and eyebrows:
Cheril-Lee at Ikon Image I’langa,

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Alecia van Graan, 078-774-2941

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