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Trade Secrets

Co-director of Bodycure in Mbombela, Sonette Labuschagne has beauty advice for every part of your body. She gives us tips on skincare, manicures, waxing, lipstick and lashes….

Sonette advocates a strict skincare regimen. “The usual cleanse and moisturise twice a day is a must, and never go to sleep without cleansing,” she says.

“It’s also important to exfoliate and use a mask, and don’t forget the all-important eight glasses of water a day.” Healthy eating is vital for skincare, and a diet low in fat and sugar is ideal, it’s important to keep an eye on your intake of junk food.

“Another important aspect is regular exercise. That ‘glow’ you get after exercising is a sign of the skin cells being stimulated! Sun care is also vital in today’s climate, and while stress is similarly just a fact of life, try to keep it to a minimum, as it also affects the skin and can make you appear much older than you are. Your skin is representative of who you are, and should always be taken care of, people tend to forget that.”

Care for your lash extensions
• When removing your eye make-up, gently go over the area with a cleansing wipe instead of using a cotton pad or cotton wool. Not only will you weaken the lashes, but cotton sticks to them.
• Prevent criss-cross lashes by combing them out. You can use a spoolie wand or clean mascara wand for this.
• Resist touching them! You’ll risk losing your natural lashes.
• Sleep on your back. Sleeping with your face pushed into your pillow can cause the extensions to fall out.
• Avoid using waterproof mascara. It is more difficult to remove.
• Be gentle. Avoid touching the eye area. Wash lightly, without applying too much pressure.

Look after your skin in-between waxes
Before you wax
• Make sure your hair is at least 0,5cm to enable ease of complete removal from the roots.
• You can take painkillers if you are sensitive.

After wax
• Do not swim in chlorinated water for
24 hours.
• Avoid applying lotion; it can cause a burning sensation especially if it contains fragrance.
• Avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains free of bacteria, and apply tea tree oil products as they have antibacterial properties.
• Exfoliate after five days to prevent ingrown hairs. You can then gently exfoliate every two to three days.
• Regular waxing delays hair growth, and with the proper care you should have between four to six weeks before needing to rewax.

Make those manicures last longer
• Use a cotton swab to wipe down your nails with vinegar before applying a base coat. It helps to removes all the natural oils on the nail bed.
• Avoid getting polish on your cuticles. This leads to chipping.
• Use a sticky base coat to make the polish last longer.
• Don’t shake your polish up and down, rather roll it between your hands to prevent air bubbles.
• Apply a base coat over the entire nail and the edge to seal the nail.
• Dry your nails with cool air rather than hot.
• Keep hydrated and apply cuticle oil daily. Less moisture means that nails are more likely to break and tear.
• Wear gloves when doing the dishes.
• Say goodbye to products containing alcohol, it will eat away at the polish.

Apply make-up on the run
• Apply tinted moisturiser all over your face with your fingertips.
• Apply blush. It makes you look more alive.
• Apply a quick coat of mascara. This makes your eyes pop. Don’t forget the bottom lashes.
• Swipe on some lipstick. You can’t leave the house without it!

Make your lipstick last longer
• Use a lip scrub to remove all flakes of dead skin.
• Apply hydrating lip balm.
• Outline your lips with lipliner. Lip pencil is drier than lipstick and will serve as a layer for lipstick to hold onto.
• Apply your lipstick selectively for a more controlled application, don’t just swipe across the whole lip.
• Blot the lipstick with a tissue, then dust with powder to set the colour. Reapply your lipstick.

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