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DIY Paint Tips

DIY Paint Tips

Prominent Paints has rounded up some top tips for you when painting…

Great gutter refurb tips

Remove all peeling paint and sand the sheen off the remaining paint and feather out the edges. If adhering well, you don’t need to remove it completely, but it could prevent new paint from sticking. Wash guttering using a 3M scouring pad and Progold General Purpose Cleaner and then rinse with clean water.

For new gutters: Wash with a Progold Multi Surface Etch Cleaner as per product data sheet, apply a coat Galvanized Iron primer. It’s best to remove the down pipes so you can repaint all the way around.

No more gouging

Round off the corners of your scraper so it won’t gouge the ceiling and leave you with dozens of ceiling wounds to repair. Be it a wide putty knife or drywall taping knife – you can use a file, sander or an electric grinder to taper the edges.

Tone on tone stenciling

Instead of a full wall, try stencilling just a section. A tone-on-tone pattern is subtle, but striking and creates interest on an otherwise flat wall.  Use NCS S 1030-Y10R and NCS S 0530-Y10R to create this tonal herringbone effect.


For the smoothest possible finish when you’re painting woodwork, doors or cabinets, avoid too much brushwork. Load the brush and quickly cover an area with paint. Then use a stroke or two to level it off. Brushing over the same area, especially after the paint has started to dry, will cause brush marks and ridges.

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