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A Great Book for Crochet Addicts

A Great Book for Crochet Addicts

Make anything from 15 basic patterns!

No longer the hobby of little old ladies, crocheting is huge right now. A boho dress, an uber trendy shrug, fashionable table mats… really, trust us… it’s a thing!

So well timed is the launch of Hello, Crochet by bloggers Anisa Fielding, Cornel Strydom and Elsbeth Eksteen. They share their passion, talent, know-how and very different crocheting styles is this lovely book, which give 15 basic patterns that can be adapted into 64 fun and funky projects. Bohemian, artistic, contemporary and romantic… whatever your style, you’ll find something to crochet… before you know it you’ll be having more fun with yarn than you ever imagined!

Also available in Afrikaans as Hallo, Hekel. Order yours at

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