Bond Cocktail guide

Bond Cocktail guide

The coolest spy in the world, James Bond, 007, always asks for the classiest drinks. This list will shake up your summer party and stir your taste buds.

At the top of the list is the Vodka Martini of course.
Bond has always loved these shaken not stirred and he prefer Russian or Polish vodka to boot.
Make it real
2 part Vodka
Splash of dry vermouth
Shake it with ice and strain into a martini glass And it ain’t a martini if there are no stuffed green olives

The Americo cocktail that James asks for in Casino Royal
1 part Campari
1 part Red Vermouth
Add a splash of soda
To make it:
Pour the ingredients into a short glass and fill it with ice. The add the splash of soda and garnish it with an orange slice

Another cocktail that made its first appearance in the 2006 remake of Casino Royal is the Vesper. We all know how that ended for Bond. This drink is a mix of vodka and gin shaken with Lillet aperative. In the movie it is served garnished with a lemon rind.

In the 2012 bond movie Skyfall Daniel Craig shock true Bond fans when he enjoy a single malt whiskey on a number of occasions. On the rocks for sure. He went way out when he was seen enjoying a cold beer. This was a Heineken. It seem the new bond would bring new trends to wearing the classy black suit and tie of the 007 character.

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