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Timeless Appeal

Timeless Appeal

We talk trends, colour and style with Anmari Schnepel, owner of Asch Interiors

Anmari never intended to settle down in Mbombela. En route to work in Dubai, she came here temporarily to visit her parents… and never made it onto the plane. “I fell in love with this place; with the lifestyle and quality of life,” she beams.

A born interior transformer, Anmari says she always knew she wanted to work in a creative field. “My dad is an architect,” she smiles, “an instinctive ability to design runs in the family.” After finishing her schooling in Pretoria, she moved to Cape Town where she completed a qualification in interior architectural design.


Her career started in retail sector, designing shops for a range of clients, from jewellery stores to optometrists. Far from experiencing it as dull, it sparked an interest and love of commercial design in Anmari. “To have an idea and see it transform into reality is extremely rewarding,” she says.
Then came the move to the Lowveld. She initially worked with her dad on many architectural projects but decided to go on her own about three years ago, starting up Asch Interiors at Riverside Industrial Park in Mbombela. Anmari’s commercial background gives her the edge, as it makes her versatile and able to cater for a range of clients. “Some months we’ll be busy with mainly residential projects like a baby room, a lounge makeover and a bathroom revamp; in the next, it’ll be a hair salon, restaurant and corporate reception area,” Anmari smiles.



She loves the diversity and challenges of retail design, aiming to come up with solutions that will entice shoppers into a space. A perfectionist by nature, Anmari appreciates the precision that comes with good quality fittings, well-made furniture and straight lines, although she admits there is beauty and character in the imperfections of natural materials like timber and glass. One of her greatest challenges initially was finding reliable suppliers, able to meet deadlines and stick to promises, but over the past few years, she has built up solid business relationships with people she trusts.



When decorating, this designer likes to incorporate what people already have in their homes, reupholstering and repurposing rather than buying from brand new. Sometimes all it takes is moving furniture around or adding a rug, feature lighting or some colourful cushions. Anmari believes in accentuating her clients, personalities, and adheres to their taste and style requirements. “Every person is different,” she says. “I find that the art lies in listening to what they need.”

 A perfectionist by nature, Anmari appreciates the precision that comes with good quality fittings, well-made furniture and straight lines

Vibrancy, she says, is of great importance, and each room should at least have one flash of brilliance, a “pop of colour” as we’re always advised. “Although I’m all for keeping the background neutral, life is too short not to take a chance with a statement piece,” she smiles. Her own couch was recently reupholstered in mustard yellow and sits handsomly in front of a petrol-blue wall. Finding what Anmari needs is a process in itself, but a fair amount of sourcing is done online from both local and international suppliers, adding to her diversity.



She believes the secret of her success lies in offering a personalised turnkey service and being hands-on with every stage of a project. “People want that personal touch. I also try to create a timeless look and offer clients something that will outlive the latest trend.”

Get in touch

Contact Anmari on 083-391-5834 or visit her office at 32 Waterfall Avenue in Riverside Industrial Park.

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