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Summer Loving

Summer Loving

It’s almost summer and that means it’s time to pay your tresses some attention. Find inspiration from one reader’s hair makeover experience…

Meet our lucky winner, Natasha de Jager. As a mother of two small boys, and a full-time employee, she has found it difficult to put herself and her beauty needs first. She was absolutely delighted to be chosen for a total hair revamp.



“I always put my family above myself, and I don’t get much time to spend on my hair. I mainly just keep it tied up. When I saw the opportunity to enter this competition, I thought, why not take a chance and give it a shot. I was shocked when I found out that I was the winner. I felt so lucky, I might have to play the Lotto too,” she smiles.

Chani du Plessis, hair stylist at Hair @ I’langa in Mbombela, gives us the basics about what is needed to be done. “Natasha’s natural hair colour is a dark brown. She wanted to keep her hair as natural as possible, and on a level that is easy to maintain, especially during summer. She has highlights that have an orange, reddish tint to them, which look washed out and her regrowth is pretty bad. Our goal is to get her hair looking and feeling healthier,” she says.

The process

Step 1
Chani mixes the colour, which is a dark brown with a plum undertone that will reflect beautifully in the summer sun. She applies it generously to Natasha’s hair, and leaves it on for 25 minutes to make sure that it colours the entire head.

Step 2
She rinses the hair, and then washes it with Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo, also known as a deep-cleanse detox shampoo which helps to remove stubborn buildup from the hair, cleaning it as thoroughly as possible.

Step 3
She then does a rejuvenation treatment with a Bio-Kinetics product, which helps to stimulate and bring blood circulation to the scalp. The treatment cools the head completely, and Natasha enjoys a head-and-neck massage while the treatment works its magic.

Step 4
Chani applies Moroccanoil to detangle and moisturise the hair. She then adds a Moroccanoil root boost, to give the hair volume for when she blow waves it. She trims Natasha’s split ends to get the hair looking healthy and shiny again. Chani explains that it is important to trim your hair every three months, as split ends restrain growth, and will continue to split leaving your hair looking dull, lifeless and brittle. She adds long layers to the hair to give it momentum, and fullness.

Step 5
She completes Natasha’s new hairstyle with a blow wave, and the result is breathtaking. Natasha looks absolutely beautiful, and her new hairstyle gives life to her entire appearance.

We ask her how she feels, as she admires her new style in the mirror. “I feel much better, like a new person. My hair feels so much lighter. My hubby is picking me up today, and he’ll probably just drive straight past me and not even recognise me,” she laughs.

Summer tips from Hair @ I’langa
• A great go-to style for summer is gorgeous beach waves. It’s an easy, effortless style to achieve for anyone. We recommend using Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse or KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray. It’ll encourage your hair to give in to its natural kinks, and add movement, body and staying power to your locks.
• During a hot summer in the Lowveld, we tend to spend a lot of time languishing in the pool. Although a favourite for us, the chlorine can be detrimental to our locks, and even have them turning slightly green. We recommend a Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo to deep cleanse your hair and a Schwarzkopf Professional Moisture
Kick to protect it from having the chlorine dry it out.
• To protect coloured hair from the sun, we recommend a product such as Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair which also has a UV protection in it.
• To maintain blonde hair and keep it from going yellow during the summer months, we recommend getting your hands on a good silver shampoo. Our pick is the Biosense Professional Color Seal Silver.

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, R260, Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo, R345, Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse, R420, Schwarzkopf Professional Moisture Kick, R299, Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair, R300, Biosense Color Seal Silver Shampoo, R150.

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