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Summer is upon us, and although we simply can’t wait to get outside for a day of fun in the sun – whether it be lounging by a crystal-blue pool, going to the beach, spending the day at the dam, or simply for a special occasion – we know many of us feel a bit shy to put our post-winter skin on display.

Don’t fear, we have the answer… why not visit a tan can to get your bod looking summer-ready. It’s safe, it’s quick, and it looks completely natural – as if you’ve been kissed by the sun itself.
There are plenty of places around the Lowveld that offer this painless treatment. We chat to two in Mbombela to get the scoop on how to help you get that deep, flawless, sunless tan.

Sanette Labuschagne, co-director of Body Cure, talks us through the necessary preparations that have to be made before you go in, as well as through the tanning process.

• Make sure to exfoliate your entire body either the night before or morning of, to remove any dry or dead skin
• Shave or wax at least eight hours before your tan, allowing time for the pores to close
• Do not apply deodorant, perfume or moisturiser before your tan (this can make it go green or orange)
• Bring loose dark clothing and open shoes to change into after your tan
• We recommend not wearing make-up if you want your face to be tanned
• Tie long hair up.

The therapist will analyse your skin colour, and according to that use a specific tanning colour on your body. Disposable underwear and a head cap are provided, in order to avoid any stains to your clothing or hair. The spray tan is water-based, and will, therefore, not feel sticky. The therapist will then assist you into the tent where the tan will take place, which lasts about 20 minutes. The reaction of the chemical in the spray tan will then bronze over the next few hours, leaving you looking sun-kissed and golden.

After your treatment
Diana Roux of Face to the Wind explains what to do after you’ve had your tan and how to maintain it.

• Do not bath or shower for eight hours afterwards
• Do not do anything that will result in perspiration
• Do not apply lotions or make-up for eight hours
• Do not wear tight-fitting clothes.

Maintaining your tan
• Avoid long, hot showers
• Do not use any bath product with a high oil content (Dove especially)
• Avoid swimming in pools with a high chlorine content
• Water-resistant sunblock aids in prolonging the tan when swimming or lazing in the sun
• Pat your skin dry after a shower or bath – as to avoid possibly rubbing off some of your tan

How long does it last?
Spray tans usually last up to 10 days, but with tan extenders, which both spas offer, you can look sun-kissed for longer.

Why choose a spray tan over a sunbed?
Sunbeds are just like lying out in the sun, they deliver UV rays on to your body, without you having any sunblock on to protect your skin. This ups your chances of getting skin cancer, and premature ageing. Spray tans are alcohol- and fragrance-free, quick drying, and give your body a natural-looking colour without the damage of harmful UV rays. They also serve as a firming action and antioxidant to your skin; fade naturally and evenly; and leave no stripes nor orange colour on the skin.

Get in touch
• Body Cure, 013-752-3739,
• Face to the Wind, 072-480-6688, Facebook: Face to
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