The Magic of Colloidal Silver

The Magic of Colloidal Silver

Discover its amazing benefits

Many people are still unaware of the astonishing healing and infection fighting benefits of colloidal silver with its broad-spectrum antimicrobial qualities.  It is well known as “nature’s antibiotic” and the benefits of colloidal silver have been documented since the late 1800s when it was first introduced and used successfully by health practitioners for a myriad of ailments and infections.

Brand new on the market, NRF Health has introduced three new colloidal silver products which help treat all kinds of topical skin problems and also help build up resistance to protect the body’s immune system to prevent colds and flu.

  • NRF Colloidal Silver Cream is a mild silver protein which treats and soothes many skin ailments from dry, damaged skin, sunburn and cuts or nicks on hands and fingers and it is completely safe to use on children.
  • NRF Colloidal Silver Liquid is taken orally or topically, and when taken orally on a regular basis, it can help to prevent and increase the healing process when one has a cold, flu, pneumonia or sore throat.
  • NRF Colloidal Silver Liquid-Gel contains Xylitol which is beneficial for maintaining healthy teeth when used as a gargle and also helps to form a barrier by preventing microbial infections like a sore throats, infected tonsils and mouth problems such as cold sores and ulcers.


Various colloidal silver products that are used continuously over a long period can result in the skin taking on a “bluish tinge”, a condition known as argyria. This is the result of ingested silver particles that are not able to pass through the body and accumulate as a result. All NRF Colloidal Silver products have been specially prepared in a silver complex to prevent this condition from occurring.

*Although considered safe, pregnant and breastfeeding woman should not use this product without first consulting their doctor or should an allergic reaction occur, colloidal silver must be stopped immediately. If a condition does not improve within 10 days, a health practitioner should be consulted.

NRF Colloidal Silver products are available from Dis-Chem and independent pharmacies.




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