Sniffles and sneezes?

Sniffles and sneezes?

Here’s how to manage nasal congestion

Whatever the reason is for your stuffy nose – hay fever, the common cold, sinus infection or the flu – it brings with it symptoms that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy; headaches, aching sinuses, a runny nose and more. When you become a victim, finding relief becomes your top priority.

Managing nasal congestion might not be a quick fix, but the following 5 tips will help to bring some relief:

  1. A humidifier is a quick and easy way to relieve the pain associated with nasal congestion by creating moisture in the air. This created humidity and breathing in the moist air can soothe the inflamed membranes and blood vessels, thinning the mucus in your sinuses. This assists in flushing out the mucus quicker, helping you to breathe easier.
  2. Use a saline spray such as the Linctagon Nasal spray which contains active ingredients and saline to help irrigate, moisturise and sooth nasal passage. Even children as young as 6-years-old can use the spray and find relief.
  3. The steam in the shower works almost the same way as a humidifier, and the moisture in the air helps the extra mucus in your sinuses to be released and drain quicker giving you relief from sinus pressure.
  4. Staying hydrated when you are sick is important as it helps to thin the mucus in your nose, expelling it quicker and relieving pressure. If you are suffering from a sore throat as well, warm tea is a soothing option to help keep you hydrated.
  5. Avoid cigarette smoke and any other allergens that trigger nasal congestion. This will help you to recover quicker and feel relief from sinus pain.


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