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5 Easy steps to solve your winter skin woes

5 Easy steps to solve your winter skin woes

Dry skin is especially common in the winter months: outside humidity levels drop, the air becomes cold and dry, and the water in your skin evaporates much quicker than usual.

Jo Snyckers, professional skincare therapist and expert advisor to local skincare brand Naturals Beauty, shares her five simplest solutions that will keep your skin smooth all season long:

  1. Switch – change from a gel to a cream cleanser or add extra nourishing for the winter months (try the Naturals Milk Cleanser which contains lemongrass, geranium and chamomile)
  2. Slough/Scrub – exfoliate your skin to remove the build-up of dead skin cells so that your skin can absorb the maximum from your products
  3. Quench – incorporate rich and hydrating products especially at night time
  4. Boost – use a hydrating mask twice or even three times a week (the Naturals Beauty Hydrating Masque packs Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E)
  5. Protect – even though it is winter, use your UV blockers every day to prevent skin aging and cell damage

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