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Light up my life

Light up my life

Get it visits local stockists of beautiful lamps and decor items to light up your contemporary home.

The soft, warm glow of lamplight always illuminates a room in a most welcoming way. Placing lamps in strategic corners of your home offers comfort, as opposed to the often harsh glare of overhead lighting or fluorescents.

In addition, they make beautiful statement pieces and the array of various types of lamps is endless, from large and ornate to petite and delicate.

Traditionally, lamplight is a haven for travellers, having started as the welcoming glow of safety with a candle in the window and progressing to gas lights and then the modern globes of today.

Get it visits local stockists of beautiful lamps and decor items for the contemporary home.

House of Class in Riverside Industrial in Mbombela is a somewhat avant-garde, somewhat quirky showroom with something for everyone.

From massive antique doors, to African-inspired memorabilia, they transport you to a more genteel time and place. They have a large variety of lamps, from beaded hanging to elegant floor lamps.

The olden-day woven appeal of this floor lamp transforms a bare corner of the room into a cosy living space. A soft glow from the lamp, comfortable, wide couch and good book is the ideal escape after a busy working week.

R1 999, House of Class


R1 699, House of Class

Electrician Ruan Ritson has a trick up his sleeve. Apart from being a shareholder in Elcon Quality Solutions, he also has an artistic streak. He decided to surprise his wife with something special for her birthday, and we are very glad he did.

He used copper pipes and fittings cut to specific size to create beautiful bespoke lamps, each one sporting a contemporary designer globe.


Fortunately, there are millions of different ways and means to putting the pipes together to create a unique and sought-after item. While Ruan loves making the lamps, some of the designs take time, but as with all lovely pieces, they are definitely worth the wait.



Lamps come in a variety of materials, and can be uniquely hand-crafted from wood, ceramics, metal or glass. They can also be woven.

Whether you choose to fill your home with organic lamps that bring in a touch of the outdoors, or favour the industrial look, they will bring in an element of homeliness that once belonged to candle light.

R2 999, House of Class

R1 499, House of Class

Massive, ornate Middle Eastern lamps, a myriad of colours reflecting off their beauiful panes of glass vie with large, delicately embroidered oriental hanging and beaded lamps, with their slightly mysterious flair.

African-inspired and natural lamps are often the preferred choice for the Lowveld look, with wood, ceramic and metal being the favoured medium.

Pair a chunky, wooden-based lamp with a simple lampshade alongside colonial style decor for the classic Out of Africa look.

R899, House of Class

Alternatively, use an elegant glass dome and industrial steel stand in front of a bold silver-framed mirror for a sleek and stylised modern look.

R3 229, Woodenways

Elegant glass and steel floor lamps are popular with the minimalist, industrial look, in contrast also suiting the softer contours of the bedroom.

R2 540, Woodenways


• Ruan Ritson, 0795043451 or rritson01@gmail.com
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