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The purest bliss

The purest bliss

When a girl of simple pleasures is spoilt for an hour: Pure Heaven.

As a small-town girl, who will forever be a child at heart, I see it as a necessity (to the soul) to enjoy all the simple things in life. I recon the world would be a happier one, if you could just savour the things some consider mundane, if we could be in the moment.

I recently attended a ladies tea where one of my table mates received a voucher for a back, neck and shoulder hot-rock massage. Much to my delight, she stated she wasn’t a fan of “someone’s hands on her naked back”, then handed me the card.

Some may consider a spa day or even a quick trip to the masseuse as a perfectly standard afternoon appointment… not me

Spasms and tension headaches seem to be common among those who spend their days in front of computer screens and thus this card was the answer to a prayer. Some may consider a spa day or even a quick trip to the masseuse as a perfectly standard afternoon appointment… not me.

One Saturday I walked into Pure Heaven, the Lowveld balm visible on my face. A gracious Masego Rasetshwane greets me and the calm already starts to come upon me.

Here the simple pleasures of a dimly lit room, a massage bed, the smell of essential oils and the sounds of Enya have the remarkable ability to bring tranquillity after a week (or rather month) of chaos.

Masego worked out spasms in my shoulders and lower back, massaged my entire back and even my arms, and did something out of this world with my neck, too. I could hardly believe all that was part of the R320 fare.

Me and Masego post-massage

To be perfectly honest, the two pig-out sessions I had this month cost me more and only had me feeling sick afterwards. Hence, if anyone tells me they can’t afford this spoil, I know they haven’t experienced it – if they had, they would happily pack their own sandwiches and forfeit the canteen’s R50 bacon and cheese sarmie.

The reason for the establishment’s name does not surprise, as for those 45 minutes I was in heaven.

What’s more, this indulgence had me relaxed for the rest of the day – so much so, my husband’s daily “let’s give Nici a scare” completely failed.

The miracle worker, Masego Rasetshwane

Masego’s calm demeanour and strong hands made her an easy choice for the hospitality industry. Her career started in Rustenburg, where her time at a hotel included intense Africology training. Now in the Lowveld, this woman’s skills are sure to bring bliss to all who meet her.


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