A tradition of lore

Wendy Sippel’s delicate frame belies the determined spirit that makes this passionate nature child tick. Although born in Pretoria, she has been in the Lowveld so long that it has always been home.
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5 Easy steps to solve your winter skin woes

Dry skin is especially common in the winter months: outside humidity levels drop, the air becomes cold and dry, and the water in your skin evaporates much quicker than usual.
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Art for Africa

Well-known local artist Tshidzo Mangena’s art offers the better of two different worlds. Get it visitsYonaka Art Studio to find out exactly what this means.
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Find your fit

Diets come and go, and over the years there have been no shortage of crash diets. Indeed, there are probably more of them than there are people who are happy with their weight. The bottom line is that a quick fix is never the answer.
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New spot control

We all know just how annoying skin breakouts can be … especially adult acne (surely that’s what our teenage years were for?)
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Sights and sounds of India

Ex-Lowvelder Philippa Francis has been drawn to India for as long as she could remember and when the opportunity to visit presented itself, she jumped at the chance. She shares her trip to this chaotic, squalid, splendid, daunting, intoxicating and crazy beautiful country.
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Bubbly for mum

Toast mum with a glass of Krone.
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Bubbly for mum

If your mum is gorgeous (of course she is!)…
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Capturing the essence of nature

Multidisciplinary artist Anna Kirsten’s fascination with the natural world, its cycles and interconnectedness is reflected in everything she creates. We find out what makes her tick.
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Curvy Cosies

Gorgeous plus-size beachwear!
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July 2018

Plus! Our annual tots to teens’ guide!
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We have six pairs of high-quality, bespoke shoes from Jackal and Baard up for grabs.


This is Africa

With exquisite scenery and fantastic, five-star service, a trip to Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls Safari Club should be on everyone’s bucket list. In just a few quick flights you could be staring into the eye of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.


July Spoil – GUMTREEZ

Because lazy Sunday lunches are just a Lowveld thing!


Glad to go camping

The kids are on their mid-year hols and a camping weekend’s on the cards. Woo hoo.

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