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Let girls be girls

Choosing clothing that works for your daughter
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A passion for fashion

The amount of activity going on in fashion designer Fhilip Oosthuizen’s Sonpark studio is astounding. And things can only get better, as he recently took over the designing side of another Lowveld institution, Xela Fashion Studio. We find out more.
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Fighting Fit Fashion

For those of you still hanging on to healthy New Year’s resolutions, check out the gorgeous gym gear we’ve picked out this month. And if you’re slacking off, we hope these outfits will inspire you to pick up where you left off!
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Aged between 30 and 40?

Win a fabulous makeover by Ikon Image!
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Because Gremlins…
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A Premium Ultimate Hair Treatment Programme

Treating the root of the problem with Pelo Baum…
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Caivil Relaunches To The Market

Caivil is a premium brand catering for ethnic hair care in South Africa.
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Make-Up Magic

It’s the month of love and we felt inspired to come up with two gorgeous looks: the perfect date and a night out with the girls. Whatever the occasion, these tips leave you looking and feeling your best in no time.
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Why Women Age

What makes us age? Simply “getting older” or “being around for a longer time” are just not scientific answers, especially since our bodies regenerate (new cells constantly replace old ones) all the time. And something that regenerates should, technically, never age.
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Collagen Lift Paris- “Red Carpet”

Whether you want to look younger faster for an important event, a special day or just for yourself, Red Carpet is the new Collagen Lift® Paris oral collagen with Hyaluronic Acid which will help you achieve this.
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April 17 Spoil

Win a gorgeous ceramic drum for your home…

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