Beauty & Fashion

Bling, bling

Sprouse up any outfit with this ring
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How we adore these fresh smells!
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Tick Tock

Truly timeless design
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Bag Envy

We can’t wait to get our hand on this beauty!
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What is the best skincare product for you?

5 expert tips to help you make the right choice
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Trade Secrets

Co-director of Bodycure in Mbombela, Sonette Labuschagne has beauty advice for every part of your body. She gives us tips on skincare, manicures, waxing, lipstick and lashes….
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Small-Girl Struggles

Nobody would ever walk up to an overweight person and make a comment about the amount of food on their plate, yet thin people are fair game: they face intensely personal (and insulting) comments about what they eat and how they look all the time. We talk to two Lowveld skinnys to get the low-down.
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Shy Stunner

Keryn Beth Rabe is a 33-year-old, stay-at-home mom of two little girls. She admits it hasn’t been easy for her, and in the process of of mommyhood, her appearance has been taking a back seat. She is absolutely thrilled to be the winner of the Ikon Image Autumn Makeover, and is looking forward to learning how to look and feel good in her own skin.
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Let girls be girls

Choosing clothing that works for your daughter
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A passion for fashion

The amount of activity going on in fashion designer Fhilip Oosthuizen’s Sonpark studio is astounding. And things can only get better, as he recently took over the designing side of another Lowveld institution, Xela Fashion Studio. We find out more.
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October 2017

Food, homes, doggies and more…
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October Spoil

A memorable meal…

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