June is Men’s Health Month

Here’s how to look after yourself better…
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Warding off winter

Oh dear, we all know the signs, the tell-tale fatigue, scratchy throat, sniffy nose and sporadic, irritating cough… yep, winter is on its merry way. We talk to Hester van Zyl, owner of our favourite health store, Earthwise about her recommendations for the impending season.
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Counting sheep…

Can’t sleep? Here’s why it’s important to seek help.
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Power Couple

Chaz and Gizelle Taylor have always shared a love of fitness, albeit in two vastly different disciplines. When they met 10 years ago their passion soon grew to become one, and as the years have gone by they have worked their way into owning a successful gym. These go-getters give us the low-down on their fitness journey.
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Urinary Tract Infections

The myths versus the facts
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What you need to know about your gut microbiome

A healthy body starts on the inside
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Cutting Teeth

Mbombela’s Zoli Grimbeek is everything you would want your children’s dentist to be. She is friendly and laid-back, and you can immediately tell that the little ones are at ease with her.
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Heartache and hope

Renal failure? It has something to do with kidneys, right? With people on dialysis? If you know hardly anything about the disease, you’re not alone. Get it offers a description of its devastation and effects on a patient – and how becoming a donor can save someone’s life.
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Cleanse And Recover

Feeling run-down? We have the answer for you…
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Getting To Grips With Male Cancer

Men of all ages, shapes and sizes are at risk of developing cancer is their lifetimes.
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July 2017

Soup recipes, make-up must-haves and best kept secrets!
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July Spoil

Find out what your skin is trying to tell you…

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