Time to commit and be fit

A new outfit can give you that new vigour. Here are four sizzlers to shake winter’s chill off for good.
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The benefits of going green for small businesses

Becoming more environmentally sustainable is not only viable for small businesses but could yield even greater benefits as these small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow.
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Protect your precious littly

Choose Naturals Beauty for your tots and toddlers.
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Discover a master craftsman like no other

In a world where everything is plastic, and good craftsmanship is so hard to come by, the skill of White River artist/jeweller Roy Sarkin shines like a brilliant diamond.
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Sun sense

Despite the recent chill, summer in the Lowveld is fast approaching. Here are some simple precautions for us all to bear in mind when we venture out to warm our bones.
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Time to love your tum

Your gut is what helps your system flourish, and when things go awry, the consequences could be worse than you think.
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Breastfeeding, not just best for baby, but best for SA

2018 World Breastfeeding Week, which runs from August 1 to 7, is emphasising breastfeeding as “the foundation of life” and highlighting the advantages of improving breastfeeding for communities and countries. The campaign, co-ordinated by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), identifies breastfeeding as an essential strategy to combat the impacts of inequality, crises and poverty – all major issues across South Africa. Yet, we remain one of the countries with the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world.
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Perfect beauty regime, perfect skin

Renowned Nikel Cosmetics shares the four steps to healthy, glowing skin.
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10 Tips to Combat Dry Skin

Winter is here and besides rosy cheeks, it also brings along uncomfortable dryness to the skin.
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Are your pets safe in the event of a fire?

While most people are fire savvy in the event of either preventing or managing an unintentional fire that breaks out in their home, the fact is few people actually think about the potential hazards their beloved cat, dog or other animals could pose in the home with regard to fire. 
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October 2018

This month’s fabulous Get It Lowveld magazine!
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It’s burger time!

Most of us love the idea of a burger, no matter what our food preference is, and burgers are certainly not for meat eaters alone.


Our October spoil

With your face to the wind you will feel the power of change this month.


Share the pet love

Entries have been streaming in for the Love your Pet competition and these pets are too precious!

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