Fresh take

The perception that a doctor is an older man in a starched white coat with a stern demeanour and an obligatory stethoscope is somewhat outdated, especially when you consider the vibrant, young and highly skilled women who are breathing new life into the medical profession. We speak to three dynamic professionals about their life and work in the quirky Lowveld.
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Fast Track to Success

Lucia Matsebula-Pillay’s commitment to hard work and dedication to her business instantly dispel any cynicism one might harbour about Mpumalanga’s next generation of entrepreneurs.
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The Music In Me

We catch up with Lowveld-born muso Jonathan Peyper on what he’s been up to in Gauteng…
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Second chance

Nobody expects to have a heart transplant (and be diagnosed with cancer) in one’s early 20s, but for a healthy and carefree Isak du Toit from Mbombela, this became a reality after contracting a flu virus a couple of years ago. We speak to him about the irrevocable changes in his life and how he copes with a new reality.
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Like the wind

Encountering an Afghan hound is akin to wandering into a Scottish castle and coming across a noble châtelaine languishing on her daybed. They are known as the aristocrats of the dog world, and a more apt title can hardly be imagined.
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Migaul Geldenhuys possesses many admirable characteristics: he’s charming, driven but most of all he shares a strong passion for life and a keen desire for hard work. We chat to him about his life of adventure and the house he built now that he’s settled down in the Lowveld.
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Matrics can turn prelim panic into final exam advantage

Matric learners despondent after a disappointing or distressing experience with their prelim exams should not feel that all is lost.
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Going places

Hailing from the rather quiet and unassuming dorp of Komatipoort, Backstage is not your run-of-the-mill rock band. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With six unflappable band members, Backstage knows just how to raise the roof.
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Intuitive interpretation

White River’s Cathy Prettejohn is an avid photographer, so much so that she makes her living from behind the lens, creating photos that could easily pass as works of art, which is in fact what they are.
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Aim High

Apart from Jessica Moreira’s absolute beauty, she is an outstanding equestrian and a devoted special-needs teacher. We chat to her about her success in horse riding, and her passion for teaching.
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November 2017

Food, decor and sparkly eyes…
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October Spoil

A memorable meal…

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