Live life in the slow lane

Slow down: Be more sloth-like.
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September review

Read two brilliant books for a thrilling spring
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Wine Review

Sample Le Riche Cabernet Reserve 2014
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Overkill: The race to save Africa’s wildlife

Ninety percent of the world’s megafauna (its larger creatures) have disappeared since humans migrated from Africa and fanned out across the rest of the world. Within a very short time the megafauna – mammoths, mastodons, woolly rhinoceros and the huge carnivores that preyed upon them were extinct. Only Africa seems to have escaped: not unscathed, but not entirely vanquished either. 
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A trio of unputdownable reads

With the weekend here, it’s time to grab a book!
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Delightful tipple

We’re thoroughly enjoying the new Grande Provence Zinfandel 2015 from Grande Provence.
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A Huddle of Hippos by Julia Richman

A mischief of mice. A stand of flamingos. A knot of frogs.
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Travelling with Ghosts – A Memoir of Love and Loss

A wonderfully written memoir of love and loss
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Under the sea

Everything you want to know about what happens under the waves
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