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Sojourn to Swaziland

The quiet Kingdom of Swaziland has a number of hidden treasures that can be found off the beaten track and among its friendly citizens in the countryside. Nicolene Olckers visits some of these local sights and attractions.
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Travelling to far-off places is one of the most rewarding experiences an adventurous traveller can have. We tend to think of them as being out of the country, off the continent and overseas. We forget that there are wild and amazing travels to be had by merely crossing the borders into our neighbours.
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Whispering winds on the Lebombo Mountains

Between the rustling of sugar cane and the whispering wind on the Lebombo Mountains, Nicolene Olckers is exhilarated by rolling thunder, savours the full-bodied taste of Mhoba Rum and is hassled by unexpected roadblocks in Nkomazi region.
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What’s that rattle?

12 Common car sounds and what they mean
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Old roads revisited

The legends of Rain Queens and adventurous boers make for a mystical mix that has left behind a trail of wonderous places to visit
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On the trail of History

Finding the ruined remains of Eureka City has the makings of a tremendous adventure for Get it’s Nicolene Olckers. The story of gold mining in the Lowveld and mountainlands around Barberton has left deep tracks, not only in the visible marks on the land, but in the souls of the people who traverse these trails today.
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Tobogganing at Misty Mountain

Get ready for a thrill ride of note!
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Put Foot Rally

Get ready for adventure!
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Ghost Towns

With a rich pioneering history, the Lowveld is filled with tales of fortunes found… and lost. And dotted along the landscape, if you know which little dirt road to take, you’ll find remnants of settlements, eerily abandoned. We go exploring…
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It’s a Dog’s Life

German shepard Sammy has known only fear and abandonment at the hands of humans and sadly her story isn’t unique. Fortunately for Sammy, one kind-hearted woman ensured that despite bad beginnings, she is one of the few abused animals whose tale has a happy ending.
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