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Discover South Africa With These Great Travel Apps

South Africa’s natural landscapes, “dorps” and cities are full of interesting discoveries. If you’re on the road looking for travel attractions and adventures, these Android apps recommended by Alcatel will help you find your way…
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The muddy, the fit and the warrior crazy!

The mud, the blood and the sweat and tears. If you finished the recent warrior race at Kwanyoni Lodge, we salute you. You trained hard and then you played hard, jumped off high platforms and crawled through stinky mud. Best of all, you finished the race. Well done.
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Cut your fuel bill by up to 25%

A little eco-effort will have a big impact
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Makuleke Trail

To experience the wildest and remotest parts of the Kruger National Park (KNP) you should leave your cellphone and wristwatch at home. Nicolene Olckers dons hiking boots, packs her backpack and sets out to get bush-wise in the Makuleke Concession in the Pafuri region of the Kruger.
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Free Spirit

Ex-Lowvelder, Marinette Potgieter discovered the intense joy of solo travel when she recently toured South America. She shares her experience of these vibrant and festive cultures with us.
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The high road

With perfect curves, corners, turns, spectacular valleys and the soft caress of misty clouds, the road from Lydenburg to Hazyview is a temptress. Best handled with reverence, care and respect, it also takes a bit of daring. Nicolene Olckers gets her fill of adrenaline from Brian Moldenhauer, Thomas Böhm and the man with the charmed life.
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Ship Life

Just graduated from varsity? Stuck in a rut with your nine-to-five job? If you’re contemplating giving in to wanderlust, there are many ways to travel the world – and working on cruise ships is becoming increasingly popular. It may seem like a fantastic option, but there are pros and cons to the lifestyle. Danielle Sheedy gives us the rundown of what to expect.
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Sojourn to Swaziland

The quiet Kingdom of Swaziland has a number of hidden treasures that can be found off the beaten track and among its friendly citizens in the countryside. Nicolene Olckers visits some of these local sights and attractions.
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Travelling to far-off places is one of the most rewarding experiences an adventurous traveller can have. We tend to think of them as being out of the country, off the continent and overseas. We forget that there are wild and amazing travels to be had by merely crossing the borders into our neighbours.
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Whispering winds on the Lebombo Mountains

Between the rustling of sugar cane and the whispering wind on the Lebombo Mountains, Nicolene Olckers is exhilarated by rolling thunder, savours the full-bodied taste of Mhoba Rum and is hassled by unexpected roadblocks in Nkomazi region.
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